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  • Point-of-Purchase Materials Work With The Mature Market

    Since an estimated 70% of purchase decisions are made within the retail store itself, effective point-of-purchase displays can have a dramatic impact on sales for a particular product, especially introducing a new product or service to the mature customer.

    Mature consumers have been characterized as a $500 billion market. The number of persons 65 and older in the United States was 33 million or 13 percent of the total population in 2000, and the number of elderly persons is expected to increase to 17.7 percent of the general population (52.1 million) by the year 2020. The size and growth of this age group should not be overlooked when it comes to a businesses marketing strategy. Read the rest of this article…

    Streamline Mail Lists To Predict Consumers’ Response

    The declining response rates, increased delinquencies, and more credit savvy customers, have the credit card industry searching for ways to better employ its direct mail strategy. The credit card industry sent 2.4 billion “pre-approved” offers to potential cardholders. Traditionally, credit card customers have been found with large mass mailing lists purchased from credit bureaus. These mailing lists were based solely on credit worthiness.

    Read the rest of this article…